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Areas of Expertise

As a Butchart Gardens-trained gardener I know how to tiptoe through the tulips.  My plant knowledge aids me in ensuring your lawn and garden (ornamental or vegetable) are getting the right amount of water delivered in the most efficient and functional way possible.   I specialize in the installation of micro irrigation.  Micro is the ONLY delivery method that can easily handle the everchanging landscape of a garden.   It's versatility, simplicity and functionality make it my go to for busy gardens.    I also install a lot of dripline.  Dripline (a flexible pipe with holes every 12") is the most efficient delivery method as the water drops straight onto the soil.

I'm like a dog with a bone;  I'm not happy unless your system is working properly.    If something is acting up I will get to the bottom of it.  Irrigation may seem straightforward but it's actually not.  Propelling water in  pipes at high pressure in a dirty environment coupled with low voltage electricity can be produce some pretty challenging problems to diagnose.  My creative yet logical mind loves a good challenge.

Water Purification Treatment

Micro Irrigation

Small but mighty

Green Garden

Plant Knowledge

The foundation to good irrigation

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Got a problem?  I can help.

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